• The Ward Report 2: Life Changing Events

    30 August 2014


    Over the course of the journey we call life; there will undoubtedly be important events that will impact the course of our lives from this day forward. These different happenings will alter our lives as we know it and we will be forced to take a detour off our chosen life path. There are events that we willingly choose and we anticipate that will change our lives assumingly for the better: a wedding, a new career, starting a family, purchasing a new home or retirement. Or there are also events that we are plunged into without warning that threaten to drown us: a breakup, job loss, an incurable diagnosis, or divorce.

    Whether the event has a positive or negative impact on you, it will most certainly change your financial plan. Any time a major life event happens, you should consult with your financial/insurance planner to ensure that you are still on track to achieve any set goals or to adapt your goals to your new circumstances.

    Use the chart below to determine the probability and impact certain life events will have in relation to your life path.

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    Life EventProbability (High-Low)Impact (High-Low)
    Change in living arrangements
    Moving in with a partner
    Buying a home
    Major purchase
    Having children
    Adopting a child
    Paying for children’s education
    Children leaving home
    Children returning home
    New job
    Job Loss
    Major change in finances
    Starting a business
    Legal issues
    Personal health issues
    Family health issues
    Caring for parents
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