• Foresters 140 Years

    17 August 2014

    In 2014, Foresters members, sales partners and employees are joining together to celebrate our 140th anniversary. Earlier this year, 140 celebratory blocks were circulated throughout the Foresters community. These blocks proudly confirm your commitment to our purpose and demonstrate how we are all connected through Foresters. Photos of the blocks were taken around the world and posted athttp://foresters.com/140. Have you taken your picture with a block?  Check out our celebratory video!

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  • Foresters Competitive Scholarship

    17 August 2014

    Foresters is proud to contribute to the opportunities that education can bring to individuals, families and communities. We hope to help cultivate the next generation of leaders and community volunteers while providing well-deserved financial assistance to students as they work towards their educational goals. Our tuition scholarships are available for many kinds of post-secondary education such as vocational and trade schools, community colleges and universities.

    Each year, the Foresters Competitive Scholarship Program2 offers up to 250 tuition scholarships for higher learning worth up to $8,000 each in the US and Canada. Eligible students of any age with a minimum GPA of 2.8 or 70% may apply.
    2This program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.
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  • What Matters Most

    6 May 2014

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