Foresters Kids Allowance App

There’s a growing awareness of the need to help kids develop healthy financial habits at an early age and one of the easiest ways to do this is with an allowance.

A weekly allowance in return for chores done around the house helps children make the connection between work and money and is a traditional first step towards financial responsibility.

While kids are excited about the possibility of earning their own money, they’re generally not as enthusiastic about the actual chores and often need reminders to take out the garbage or load the dishwasher. It’s hard to keep them motivated and to keep track of which child is responsible for which chore in a given week.

Foresters™ is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve family well-being. That’s why Foresters™ have sponsored an exciting new tool to help motivate your kids to do their chores. The best part? It’s in format they already love – a mobile app!

Download the Free Kids Allowance App today!

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