The quickest, safest route to realizing your dreams requires financial planning. As life mentors, and financial advisors, we know how important a carefully thought-out financial plan is to make the most of your resources and protect yourself against risks along the way. Our Hamilton financial planning team takes building your wealth to heart. Our goal is to provide you and yours with a robust set of financial services to help you live out your dreams and successfully navigate your way through life.

Our team can show you how to:


  • Create the Optimal Portfolio
  • RESP’s (Child’s Education Plans)
  • Mortgage, Life and Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Getting a Line of Credit



  • GIA’s (Guaranteed Interest Account)
  • “Tax-Free” Accumulation Programs
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Managed Money Accounts
  • Mortgages – Lowering Rates


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    Insurance planning is all about protecting what you love. Whether it is a house, a cottage, loved ones or your own security, insurance is your protection. We are here to provide all corporate and individual clients with unbiased and personalized financial advice, solutions, and services that will enable them to achieve individual goals and ensure financial independence and retirement security.

    Our team can identify the potential risks in your life, and recommend insurance solutions to protect you and your family in the event of a sudden disability, critical illness or accident. In addition, we can help create an overall plan that will help reduce tax, maximize your estate and ensure a smooth the transfer of assets to your heirs. We do not represent any single life insurance company, investment firm, bank or trust company. We search the market to find the best solution to meet the needs of each client.

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    A complete business plan will take into the survival of your business. We specialize in helping you look at planning issues relating to you as an employer, as a business owner, and as an individual. Wise succession planning is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your wishes are met with regards to the future of your business.

    We will help you to ensure that everything happens according to your objectives by answering the following:

    • Who are the potential candidates to take over the business?
    • If you have business partners, what will they want to do?
    • Will your partners buy the business? If so, how will they fund the purchase and how much will they pay?
    • How will your spouse get income?
    • How will other family members be provided for?
    • How will estate taxes and settlement costs be paid?

    BACK TO TOP Estate Planning

    Many Canadians spend a lifetime working to accumulate assets without making any effort to protect their investments or income stream. Yet a failure to plan can unnecessarily compound the stress of a death or disability, increasing the financial and emotional burden for families and in some cases leading to dire consequences. This is especially unfortunate, given that estate planning need not be complicated or expensive.

    A successful estate plan is more than just “having a will.” Our goal is to help you to develop an estate plan to protect you and your family against loss of income due to disability or critical illness, or in the event of premature death. In addition, our estate planning approach is to work with you to help minimize the impact of the potential tax on capital assets you plan to leave to your heirs.

    Our aim is to make your estate planning process as stress-free as possible.

    BACK TO TOP Retirement Planning

    Retirement lifestyle is too often left to chance and funded by whatever savings people happen to have accumulated by the day they start living without a paycheque. And that often leads to worries, and unfilled dreams. The situation is made worse by the confusion of myriad institutions claiming to have the quick retirement solution.

    Whether you are planning to retire or have already retired, our team can help you quantify the cost of the lifestyle you desire and create a realistic plan to support it. Our goal is to ensure that this stage of life is rewarding and financially worry free.

    Your plan considers such factors as government programs, pensions, other sources of retirement income, life expectancy and historical rates of inflation. Based on an analysis of your situation and goals, your plan works to balance your everyday needs with those for the future to allow you to live your life comfortably.

    Often, our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover the confidence that accompanies proper planning with a professional.

    BACK TO TOP Financial Planning

    When it comes to financial planning, many people take an emotional approach. As an investor, you may make certain decisions based on gut feelings, current markets or the latest fad. There is no thought to long term goals, but that’s what a financial planner is for. We will take a comprehensive approach to financial planning that examines all aspects of your finances and we will provide you with a roadmap to achieve your stated objectives.

    We will look at your current needs, analyze your current budget and understand what your future goals are when looking at your finances. Our goal is to create an optimal portfolio designed to your specific needs through strategy overview, goal clarification, action plan, product selection, implementation, and, lastly, to monitor and review.

    BACK TO TOP Tax Planning

    Canada is one of the most heavily/harshly taxed nations in the world. In fact, the average Canadian forfeits almost half of his or her income to various forms of taxes each year, representing a major obstacle to accumulating wealth and realizing their dreams. Our team will work with you to examine your financial situation and identify potential areas for saving tax. We can help you to formulate strategies to lighten your tax load and free up funds to enhance your life – now or in the future. Choosing more tax-efficient investments is one potential strategy for minimizing tax. Increasing tax deductions, deferring income to a future year and splitting income with a family member are some of the other strategies we will explore with you.

    The federal and provincial tax rules are complex and continuously changing. And likely, so is your personal situation. To ensure you continue to pay as little tax as possible, we encourage you to sit down with us each year for a tax review.

    We also have a team of advisors in place to help you plan for personal income tax returns.